Drive With Cab-E

Empowering the drivers and making them Cab Managers,
in an endeavor to change their lifestyle.

Cab-E Transforming Lives!

Our study reveals that most ‘Taxi Drivers’ today drive old, ill-maintained cars, for tedious long hours in the day and are earning a measly sum every day – mainly due to the high commissions paid to their aggregators.

Late arrivals, ride refusals, dirty cabs and unsafe travel today are a result of this. Our endeavor therefore, has been to transform the way taxis are driven in India.

Why Drive With Cab-E?

Many Reasons To Drive A Cab-E

Higher Daily Earnings

No Commissions, Only Minimum Subscription Fee

Not Drivers,
Be Cab Managers

Enhanced Social Status

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Better Driving

Electric Automatic Cars

Lesser Number Of
Driving Hours

Enhances Work-Life Balance

Cab-E Managers

Cab-E Managers will be co-owners of the cars they drive, drive lesser hours every day, earn much more on daily rides and will have a good work-life balance.

What’s more – there are provisions for them to own houses at extremely subsidized costs at the lowest possible rates. After all, families matter the most.

What Else You Get With Cab-E?

More & More Reasons To Drive A Cab-E

Be In Uniform,
Drive Hygienic Cars

Enjoy Your Work

Insurance Coverage

Accidental Insurance Cover, Securing Your Family’s Future

Own A House

Opportunity To Own A House At Extremely Affordable Rates

Save More Annually

Extremely Low Annual Maintenance Costs

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Join Cab-E & Transform Life With US

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